Run for Water Trail Run

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Trail Run

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. — John Muir

The Run for Water Trail Race on Sumas Mountain will take place on Saturday morning May 27th, 2017. The trails are rugged single track trails with vistas of the Fraser River and the gorgeous Fraser Valley. This year we are offering three distances - 10k, 25k, and a 50k Ultra with 3,000 metres of elevation gain!

It is free to run if you agree to raise $125, enough to bring clean water to an entire family in Dengali, Ethiopia. The entire amount is tax receiptable.

10K Trail Run

  • Cut off time for this race is 4 hours
  • 600 metres of elevation gain
  • Burger and beverage provided at the finish line
  • Bring your own water bottle to fill up half way

10K Trail Elevation

10K Trail Run Elevation
Route Map

25K Trail Run

  • Cut off time for this race is 6 hours
  • 1,500 metres of elevation gain
  • Burger and beverage provided at the finish line
  • Bring your own water bottle to fill up half way

25K Trail Elevation

25K & 50K Trail Run Elevation
Route Map

50K Trail Run

  • Cut off time for this race is 10 hours
  • 3,000 metres of elevation gain
  • Burger and beverage provided at the finish line
  • Bring your own water bottle to fill up half way

50K Trail Elevation (25K twice)

25K & 50K Trail Run Elevation
Route Map

25K & 50K Trail Run

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford
25K Trail Map (50K runs trail twice)

Trail Run


The following description is for informational purposes only and is not an accurate guide to be used for navigation. Any person who uses this to find their way around the course does so at their own risk. The race course will be well marked with ribbons on race day.


The 50K Trail Run is the same course as the 25K Trail Run, but run twice. The 10K Trail Run is a different course.

Before the Race

Race packages are to be picked up just before the race. In order to allow enough time to get your packages and get all set up, please arrive 30 - 60 min early before your race if you are running the 10k or the 25k, and 20 min early if you are running the 50k.

Course Overview

The Trail

This course has it all “some roots, some rocks, some mud, some hills and some sweet trails.” This course is tough, make no mistake about it! With just over 1500 meters of total elevation gain, this gnarly route will climb you to the two highest peaks in Sumas Regional Park and expose you to some of the nicest, flowing trails our BC rainforests have to offer.

The Start

The course starts at the lower Day Use parking lot of the Sumas Regional Park. From there, racers will start down a dirt access road that gently descends down to the start of the Squid Line Trail. Racers then begin the long gradual climb up the Squid Line trail crossing over several bridged creeks and service fire roads. The course veers off the Squid Line Trail and connects to the Salty Nozzle Trail where a short (approximately 1km) steep climb takes racers to the top of Taggart Peak (Sumas Mountain’s second highest point at 790 meters). Racers will enjoy stunning views looking north east over the Fraser River towards Mission and Maple Ridge before starting a descent down a gravel forest service road to where they’ll eventually connect (via a short connecting trail and gravel road section) to the Noah Fear Trail.

Course Description

To the Finish Line

Racers then cruise down the Noah Fear Trail to a short access gravel road section leading to the start of the short, sweet and steep Rock Diva Trail ascending back the Lost Lake FSR and the upper parking lot of the Sumas Regional Park. Once there racers will enjoy some more wicked views of the Fraser Valley and finally be able to replenish themselves with a fully stocked and fully staffed AID STATION #1. Leaving the aid station, racers continue up the Lost Lake FSR for a few hundred meters keeping left to connect to a short dirt access road that gently descends to the start of the “oh so fun” descent down the Time Killer Trail. Racers descend down a technical but well maintained trail catching some awesome views on the way down. The trail descends down to another dirt access road where racers will turn right to to eventually connect to the Centennial Trail. Racers will have the opportunity to replenish food and water at an unstaffed AID STATION #2 before starting up the longest climb of course that takes racers up, around and past Chadsey Lake. Racers will the continue a tough climb that switches back and forth up the mountain side before reaching the highest point in the regional park, Sumas Peak at 905 meters.

It's all downhill from here; well kind of! Racers descend down the ever popular Knob Gobbler Trail eventually connecting to the home stretch of trails known as the "Sauces and Peels". From there racers can turn on the jets to the finish line with a mostly descending trail down the Holiday Sauce, Extra Sauce, Pre-Peel and Emma Peel Trails. Racers will hear and catch glimpses of the high energy Finish Line area as they near the end of this epic race course where they’ll be rewarded with a ice cold beverage and a delicious burger courtesy of Field House Brewery and Lepp Farm Market!

Run for Water Trail Run

Raise your registration fee

100% of all money raised goes to clean water projects in Dengali, Ethiopia

As little as $125 can bring a year of clean water to a Dengali family.

Learn More


It all starts by learning about the water crisis on our planet.

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This year we are raising money for the people in

Dengali, Ethiopia

Currently children like Selamnesh have to walk 2 hours to get water that is full of bacteria and disease...with your help we are going to change this and bring clean water to the 4,000 people in Dengali. A donation of $35 brings one person clean water for life. So register for the Run and then donate or fundraise as well.

Watch the Video

Trail Run Film Festival

Thursday, March 2, 2017 7PM - 10PM

Run for Water presents
LEDLENSER Trails in Motion Film Festival

If you are passionate about trail running, mountain biking or just love the outdoors then come watch some amazing trail running films and have a pint.

All the proceeds will be donated to THE FRASER VALLEY MOUNTAIN BIKE ASSOCIATION (FVMBA) who create and maintain the trails we all love so much.

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