Letisha’s Wells

This year we are honoured to partner with the Reimer family

Letisha’s Wells

Letisha was passionate about bringing clean water to communities across Ethiopia

Letisha ran with us for the past five years and participated in our school program. The Reimer family in partnership with Run for Water would like to honour her memory by building clean water sources and primary schools in her name in Dengali and Freselam.

Dengali and Freselam, Ethiopia

Our Partner Communities

With your support last year, we made a big splash in Sasiga where clean water is currently transforming lives. This year, we are partnering with Dengali and Freselam to bring clean water, primary schools and sanitation programs.

Freselam is located near the Ethiopia-Eritrea border which is one of the driest areas in the East African region. Dengali is situated in the Oromia region.

Access to clean water has hindered the development of Dengali and Freselam where water-borne diseases constantly threaten the lives of the young and old.

The burden of collecting water as well as taking care of loved ones who become ill falls solely on girls and women significantly reducing their chances of attending school. Even if they could, school is very different; shade of plants draped over propped-up sticks, no desks, no latrines and no water source.

This is where you come in. Run, Raise, Donate and help us change lives once again.

Support Letisha’s Well

Building clean water sources and primary schools in Letisha’s name in Dengali and Freselam. Fundraise