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Thank you for helping raise funds for Gora Bantu and making your impact in the clean water movement.

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Thank you for your generosity

funds raised this year
people to receive clean water

This year we are raising money for the people in

Gora Bantu, Ethiopia

Currently children like Selamnesh have to walk 2 hours to get water that is full of bacteria and disease...with your help we are going to change this and bring clean water to the 4,000 people in Gora Bantu.

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Thank you for bringing the life-saving, game-changing gift of clean water to families in Gora Bantu, Ethiopia

You imagined a future when the distance travelled to fetch water is measured in metres, not kilometres; minutes, not hours. And you can continue to make sure that future becomes a reality by becoming a monthly Reservoir donor today, and change lives in Ethiopia all year round.

For children in Gora Bantu, Ethiopia, access to clean water means educational opportunities, improved health, and more time to be kids. For just $35 (or four monthly payments of $8.75), you can provide water — and all the great things that come with it — to one person for life.

Thank you, runners

Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Fun Run, and Trail Run
participants helped to raise funds for clean water projects.
10K Run start

10K Run 8:30am, Sunday, May 28, 2017

5K runners

5K Fun Run 10am, Sunday, May 28, 2017

Half Marathon runners

Half Marathon 7:30am, Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trail runner

Trail Run Saturday, May 27, 2017


Envision Run for Water

May 2018, Abbotsford

Abbotsford Run for Water Photos

A gallery of photos from the Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Fun Run, and Trail Run View Photos

Thank you, volunteers


We could not host the Run for Water events without all of the volunteers who give their time, energy and enthusiasm to help us and, ultimately, the people of Ethiopia. Thank you for helping us with:

  • Race Set-Up & Clean-Up
  • Race Package Pickup
  • Race Expo
  • Race Course Marshalling
  • Aid Stations
  • Lead/Follow-Up Bikers
  • Medical Assistance
  • Kids Activities
  • Start/Finish Area

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors.
We couldn’t do this without your generous support!

Envision Financial Run for Water

  • Globe Printers
  • Abbotsford Nissan
  • Blackwood Building Centre
  • Clearwest
  • Country 107.1
  • EcoTex
  • Fix Auto
  • High Street
  • IQ Engineering
  • Kintec Footwear + Orthotics
  • KiSS RADiO
  • Lepp Farm Market
  • Medora Dental Care
  • Pacific Veterinary Sales
  • Sandman Hotel & Suites Abbotsford
  • Star 98.3
  • Summit Brooke
  • Valley Pulp & Sawdust Carriers Ltd.

Running for 10 Years

The people of Ethiopia thank you for your generosity!

Water changed everything for my family. I am a farmer and so water is essential for my livelihood. Water also means that my daughters can spend their time studying rather than fetching water. I can't thank Run for Water enough for giving my family hope.

Ibrahim Yella, Ethiopia

My daughter was kidnapped and forced into marriage at the age of 14. I finally found her and freed her. Water means that she can go to school and have other options besides just being a wife. Run for Water is giving girls options.

Maymuna Caro, Ethiopia

I gave birth the night the Run for Water team was visiting our village to complete the water project. I'm so excited that my son Tigel will grow up drinking clean water. Thank you, Run for Water.

Uncommo Yella, Ethiopia

I'm the oldest of four kids. It's my job to get water so my brothers and sisters can drink. Clean water means I won't have to be scared walking alone to find water instead I can be in school.

Fatira Caro, Ethiopia

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